Symbaloo Webmix – Remix Repurpose Redesign

Remix Webmix

Symbaloo Webmix – Remix Repurpose Redesign

A Symbaloo Webmix of all the tools we reference in our presentation “Remix Repurpose Redesign” at the ISTE2014 Conference and the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) 2014 Conference.


TPACK Graphic Organizer

TPACK blank template

TPACK Graphic Organizer

Here is a TPACK graphic organizer created by Candace Marcotte, Bill Marsland, and Jamie Perry for their presentation “Remix Redesign Repurpose” at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference in February 2014. This image is attributed to Matthew Koehler and Punya Mishra of Michigan State University; see for more information.

To use this graphic organizer, open the file in Google Drive, then make a copy of the file for your own personal use.