Creative MAET Projects

Below are some examples of some “extracurricular” projects I worked on during my time in Michigan State University’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology program.  Enjoy!

Digital Shorts

Just Google It

Connect Me Maybe

The Sweet Spot (The TPACK Anthem)

Tweet You

MAET Sing-alongs

(featuring Cait Ryan @CaitRB on vocals and Bill Marsland on iPad guitar)

Molly Malone

The Wild Rover

Tell My Ma

MAET Weekly Update

Week 1

MAET Weekly Update, episode 1 from C Marcotte on Vimeo.

Week 2

MAET Weekly Update, episode 2 from C Marcotte on Vimeo.

Week 3

MAET Weekly Update, episode 3 from C Marcotte on Vimeo.

Week 4

MAET Weekly Update, episode 4 from C Marcotte on Vimeo.




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