Summer 2011

CEP 800: The Psychology of Learning in Schools and Other Settings
CEP 815: Technology and Leadership
CEP 822: Approaches to Educational Research

Year 2 of the MAET program dug deeper into our knowledge of educational pedagogy and psychology, along with a heightened emphasis on the TPACK model.

Additionally, we studied the role of a technology leader in our schools, and hosted an educational technology conference in Rouen, France, to showcase our learning. Click here to view our conference website.

All videos posted on the site (viewable here) were filmed, produced, and/or edited by the team with whom I worked.

The “Dream It” Proposal project was a large scale change utilizing the TPACK model to be implemented into our classrooms.  I chose to investigate meaningful ways to integrate composition into the music classroom from the purposeful integration of technology, content, and pedagogy.  The website I created for this project can be viewed here.

I also created an educational screencast to further describe one of the tools I utilized in my “Dream It” Proposal:

The “Understanding Understanding” project explored our investigation of a commonly held misconception.  Our team created a website and video to present the misconception, explore the actual facts, and showcase the field research we did.  The website can be viewed here.  I was responsible for filming and editing the video:

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